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New Zealand 7.1-magnitude natural disaster triggers tsunami 1

The natural disaster was originally reported as 7.2 degree magnitude but has since been downgraded to 7.1. Police and the Fire Service said there had been no reports of any damage yet. Anyone living near the coast in the area has been warned to leave their homes, take their radio with them and immediately go to higher ground. In New Zealand, where earthquakes are common, Civil Defence regularly holds practice drills for coastal residents so they know how to react in an emergency.


Bolt ends Olympic career with unprecedented 9th gold medal

I never knew from the start that this was going to happen to me and now it has it's a brilliant feeling. Reflecting on his Olympic campaigns, Bolt was asked if he foresaw such dominance on the track before his first Games in 2008. That is all relative, though. They smoked the field, including the archrival Jamaicans, in 41.01, the second-fastest time in history. But the "Baltimore Bullet" had a change of heart in 2014 and announced his decision to come out of retirement to have one more go ...