When Verbal Jabs Hit Harder Than a Left Hook: Jones vs. Cormie Comedy Roast

Here is a transcript of what each fighter said.

Jon Jones: Can you hear that, Daniel? Oh, you got your butt kicked today, buddy.

Daniel Cormier: No way, I didn’t even see it.

Jon Jones: Oh, come on, you did. You’re just a little…

Daniel Cormier: Oh my God, I had you on your back. You suck, bro.

Jon Jones: You’re just a little weakling. I’m glad to know that you’re tiny.

Daniel Cormier: Whatever, dude. People say you’re so strong, but you’re just a little…

Jon Jones: I felt so weak. You’re like this dude sometimes. Everybody says you’re so strong.

Daniel Cormier: Okay, you’re a little chubby.

Jon Jones: First off, you hit like a…

Daniel Cormier: If I hit? I hit like a…

Jon Jones: Yeah, but I didn’t feel it. I felt Melky’s punch more than yours, you little punk.

Daniel Cormier: Oh, you’re so mad. I can hear it in your voice.

Jon Jones: Alright, Daniel, I can’t wait to beat the [bleep] out of you. Just like today, you were on your butt.

Daniel Cormier: If you think today was a real fight, you’re an idiot. Junior college dropout.

Jon Jones: Oh, Junior College Dropout. That’s why I have [bleep] million in the bank.

Daniel Cormier: You’re still an idiot. I’m a junior college…

Jon Jones: You’re still an idiot. I’m a junior college…

Daniel Cormier: You’re still an idiot. I’m a junior…

Jon Jones: You’re still an idiot. I’m a junior…

Daniel Cormier: I don’t care how much money you got. You’re still an idiot.

Jon Jones: Sitting on [bleep] million, baby. What are you sitting on?

Daniel Cormier: Shut up, you’re an idiot.

Jon Jones: No, you didn’t. That just shows your level of education. You count that as a fight.

Daniel Cormier: I’m glad you won this one, because you’re not winning the next time I get my hands on you.

Jon Jones: I whooped your [bleep] now. Alright, whooped. Little boy, you’re on your butt.

Daniel Cormier: Little boy, you’re on your butt. Little boy, you’re a punk. Junior College Dropout.

Jon Jones: Whatever, man. Got more money than you and your whole family.

Daniel Cormier: Doesn’t matter. That’s what you are. It doesn’t change the fact that, when this is all said and done, you’ll go back to being broke and a loser.

Jon Jones: Yeah, sure. That’s in your nature. That’s who you are.

Daniel Cormier: Sure, that’s what you’re gonna do. Trust me.

Jon Jones: If you need help paying for college bills, let me know.

Daniel Cormier: I don’t need help. I’m smart. The money I get, I saved. Yours will all get used up because you’re an idiot.

Jon Jones: I saved. My house is paid off.

Daniel Cormier: Yeah, sure. You’re an idiot, Jon.

Jon Jones: You’re an idiot, John. I don’t need to commentate on my part-time. I’m doing good.

Daniel Cormier: Hey, I commentate because I like to and I want a future. What are you gonna do, Jon Jones, after you’re done fighting? I’m stacked up so good, I can retire right now.

Jon Jones: Yeah, sure, John. Whatever. Right, you could.

Daniel Cormier: Well, I’m glad you got it now because I’m taking everything on September 4th.

Jon Jones: Shut up. I’m taking everything on September 4th.

Daniel Cormier: Oh my goodness. Are you still there?

Jon Jones: I’m here. You’re just the fakest person. I actually admire that you can be this fake when the TV comes on, like you’re a chameleon.

Daniel Cormier: It’s awesome. It hasn’t changed. It’s unbelievable how fake you can be. You’re just amazing.

Jon Jones: It is amazing. But, you know what? Hats off to you. You got a great PR person because they do a great job with training you.

Daniel Cormier: You’re the worst, dude. You’re the worst.

Jon Jones: Thank you. God, you suck.

Daniel Cormier: I wish they would let me next door so I can spit in your face.

Jon Jones: I would absolutely kill you if you ever did something like that.

Daniel Cormier: You could never. You could never kill me.

Jon Jones: Oh, I bet you I could.

Daniel Cormier: Then you should try, Jon.

Jon Jones: You really should try, Jon.

Daniel Cormier: I would literally kill you if you’re scared of my face.

Jon Jones: Let’s try that, Jon.

Daniel Cormier: Literally kill you. Let’s try that, Jon.

Jon Jones: I’m not saying I will fight you. I would kill you.

Daniel Cormier: So, Jon, do you think I’m just gonna sit there and let you kill me, Jon?

Jon Jones: I mean, really?

Daniel Cormier: Coming from a guy who’s 5’10”. Oh, it doesn’t matter how tall I am. It does not matter how tall I am.

Jon Jones: But you’re such… How much do you weigh right now?

Daniel Cormier: Enough. How about you?

Jon Jones: About [bleep] good. Really strong, man.

Daniel Cormier: You, Jon, you’re the weakest today.

Jon Jones: Okay, Daniel. I swear to God, like I tried, Daniel. I swear to God. I don’t want to insult you. I don’t want to fight and be petty. But, Daniel, if you really are basing anything off of what happened today on that floor, you are an idiot.

Daniel Cormier: Yeah, well, how come you ended up being on your… on the floor and on your bed?

Jon Jones: Because they had all the security guards grabbing me.

Daniel Cormier: You’re the worst, dude. Seriously, you’re the worst. But hey, Jon, watch. Jon, I’ll be a chameleon just like you. I’ll do exactly like you did on this last interview. I won’t give them anything. I’ll do exactly like you did because I mean, remember, I have Olympic-level media training. So watch. I’ll show you. I’ll tell them. I’ll call them back.


In the world of mixed martial arts, it’s not just about the punches and kicks. Occasionally, the pre-fight banter takes center stage, giving fans a taste of the action before the fighters even step into the octagon. The recent verbal sparring match between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier is a perfect example of how trash talk can become as entertaining as the main event itself.

As the date for their highly anticipated face-off approached, Jones and Cormier engaged in a war of words that left fans eagerly anticipating not just the physical clash, but the verbal one as well. The tension reached its peak in a recent off-air exchange, showcasing the fighters at their candid best—or worst, depending on how you view it.

The roast From calling each other out on their fighting skills to throwing shade on their respective intelligence levels, the banter between Jones and Cormier was nothing short of a comedic roast. Insults were exchanged, personal jabs were thrown, and even the fighters’ educational backgrounds became fair game. It was a verbal battle that left fans laughing, cringing, and eagerly sharing their favorite quotes on social media.

While some may argue that the off-air banter stole the spotlight from the actual fight, others see it as a brilliant marketing move, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already highly anticipated showdown. Fans are now not just tuning in for the physical clash but also for the promise of more verbal fireworks between these two MMA giants.

As expected, the internet exploded with memes, GIFs, and quotes from the epic verbal exchange. The hashtags #JonesvsCormierBanter and #RoastdownRound1 trended on Twitter, and fans couldn’t resist sharing their thoughts on who delivered the best verbal knockout.

In the end, whether you’re Team Jones or Team Cormier, one thing is for sure—the buildup to this fight has been nothing short of entertaining. The verbal sparring match between these two fighters has added a new dimension to the pre-fight hype, proving that sometimes, the words exchanged outside the octagon can hit even harder than a left hook inside it. As the date approaches, fans can only hope that the physical showdown lives up to the verbal spectacle that preceded it.

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