United States Fighting League (USFL): Fostering Youth MMA in Partnership with IMMAF

The United States Fighting League (USFL) has recently made waves in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) by joining forces with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) as an official partner. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards the development and promotion of MMA, particularly focusing on fostering and supporting youth competitions in the United States.

Partnership with IMMAF

The affiliation with IMMAF, a global body for MMA, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the USFL. IMMAF’s dedication to standardizing rules and regulations ensures a professional and safe environment for fighters of all ages. This partnership emphasizes the commitment of both organizations to the growth of MMA on an international scale.

Youth Development

A core focus of the USFL is the cultivation of young talent in the MMA scene. The league actively works to support and develop youth MMA through various initiatives. One notable event is the national youth MMA championship tournament, showcasing young talents and providing a platform for them to shine.

History and Vision

Founded in 2017, the USFL has played a pivotal role in the sanctioning of youth MMA in the USA. The league’s commitment to the sport’s grassroots has helped lay the foundation for the future of MMA in the country.

The collaboration between the USFL and IMMAF stands as a testament to the dedication of both organizations to the growth and development of MMA. By focusing on youth competitions, the USFL is not only providing a platform for young fighters but also shaping the future landscape of MMA in the United States.

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