Vietnamese suspect in Kim killing was a keen singer

VX nerve agent is banned by the United Nations and has been considered a "weapon of mass destruction" since 1993.

Malaysian police have detained one North Korean, while four are believed to have fled to North Korea; two others are still in Malaysia.

Preliminary analysis found traces of VX nerve agent on Kim's eyes and face.

One of the two women arrested after the attack fell ill in custody, police said, adding she had been vomiting.

Siti Aisyah, in her first meeting with Indonesian officials after more than a week in detention in Kuala Lumpur, said Saturday she didn't know that the substance-subsequently identified by police as a banned, lethal nerve agent known as VX-was poisonous.

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Andreano Erwin, Indonesian Deputy Ambassador to Malaysia told reporters outside Cyberjaya police station where the girl is being held: "She only said that somebody asked her to do this activity and was given a kind of baby oil".

About 2,000 workers helped make the chemical for the USA defense stockpiles at the Newport depot starting in 1961, as a Cold War deterrent.

The news brought condemnation from South Korea, which criticized the use of the nerve agent as a "blatant violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and other worldwide norms".

Police said this week that two other people, an official with the North Korean embassy and an employee for North Korea's state-run airline, are wanted for questioning.

South Korean authorities said the killing was carried out by North Korean agents.

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North Korea has not signed a global chemical weapons convention that prohibits the production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons.

Earlier in a statement, Khalid said a Vietnamese woman and an Indonesian woman wiped a liquid on Kim Jong Nam's face by grabbing him from behind.

Malaysian authorities are slowly getting to the bottom of the death of Kim Jong-nam.

"They're just a odd country, and it's more evidence of why we should worry about their possession of not just these weapons but nuclear weapons", Duelfer says. Jong-nam immediately sought medical help, but suffered seizures shortly after the altercation and reportedly died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Symptoms after contact with VX in vapour form will appear within a few seconds, and within a few minutes to up to 18 hours after exposure to the liquid form, said John Allum of forensic science firm Hawkins.

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