Swedes create hotline to raise mansplaining awareness

Swedish women can phone in complaints about workplace "mansplaining" thanks to a temporary hotline set up by a trade union in the country. The hotline's respondents will include a wide range of people, from scientists to politicians to comedians, to help the complainant decide what to do next.

She said after it closed the hotline, Unionen planned to continue working on reducing mansplanning at Swedish workplaces. "The Union shares the analysis that mansplaining is more often performed by men and we believe it is important to talk about the problem on the basis of the analysis for us to bring about change".

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Zetterstrom said Thursday that women and men can anonymously call to ask about sexism and get advice on how to have more inclusive workplaces.

Facebook user Daniel Bergman wrote on Unionen's page: "How would women react if you used words like "old biddy chat" or 'female whining"?

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Anyway, while the rest of us are left thinking 'seriously, is this guy for real?' or having to explain to said men that yes, we do know what the FTSE 100 is, what's going on in Syria and the score of last night's England v Spain football match, women in Sweden have been gifted a hotline they can call when they experience instances of mansplaining. She replied that his letter contained "an nearly magical dynamic": "Others complained that I had misused the word 'mansplaining, ' but you are the only person to mansplain while doing it". Prime Minister Stefan Lofven heads a 24-member Cabinet with 13 women, including a minister for gender equality. She says men sometimes interpret the subject of gender equality as an attack on them, "which is such a shame because I know the aim of this campaign and the aim of most sensible discussions on this topic actually aim to improve situations for both men and women". "They say that they have experienced this and it is troublesome and it is something they'd like to learn how to handle and make people who are mansplaining aware of what they are doing".

Unionen launched the hotline campaign in an article.

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So how do you deal with a mansplainer?

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